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Jungle Heat 13-06-2017

source: promotional material The heat of the steaming, tropical jungles of South America have been known to bring out the animal in the strongest of men. South of the equator, deep in the heart of the rain forest, 12 of Brazil's hottest men await you. We dare you to come on this dangerous journey to the wilds of the Amazon where mercenary guerillas roam, and the law of the jungle rules. You may not get out alive! ========= Good photography, lots of hands-free cum shots, and steaming hunks of prime beef framed with a lot of care in attention. Shot entirely outdoors.

Lançamento: 1993
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 06

Jungle Heat CoverJungle Heat Cover
Tema: Sexo
Airton Silveira
Alair Souza
Fernando Leite
Gustavo Franco
Hugao Santos
Luiz Rego
Marcos Teixeira
Mario Guerra
Reinaldo Madeiros
Renato Soares
Romalio Teixeira
Ruben Omar