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Hologram 08-11-2019

source: promotional materialSo real you can feel it! Imagine a sex club where each room is equipped with the latest in hi-tech gear -- designed specifically for your pleasure. Imagine a sex club where your depest fantasies become virtual reality -- and beyond. Imagine a sex club where the only limits are those of your imagination. And stamina. Imagine Hologram. From aware winning raconteur, Chi Chi LaRue.


1993 Gay Erotic Video AwardsBest Editing: Dave Kinnick

1993 Gay Erotic Video AwardsBest Depiction of Safe Sex

1993 Adult Video NewsBest Box Cover Concept

1993 Adult Video NewsBest Packaging

Lançamento: 1993
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 04
Duração: 0:58:00

Hologram CoverHologram Cover
Brock Hunter
Dylan Fox
Max Holden
Michael Chads
Randal Maxxon
Randy Mixer
Rod Phillips
Sal Antonio
Shawn Justin
Ted Matthews
Zak Spears
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