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Lukas Story 1 15-08-2018

A classic series in gay adult video! It chronicles the sexual awakening of a smooth muscular young man from Czechoslovakia. Lukas tells of how he started his sexual journey beginning with spying on his younger brother. He lies on the bed and strokes his swollen peice, pulling the foreskin over the head before delivering a huge gusher of a climax.

Lançamento: 1994
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 06
Duração: 1:28:00

Tema: Teen
Faixa Hetaria:Teen
Alex Petersen
Benjy Sanders
Dano Sulik
Denis Jung
Filip Smirnov
Johan Paulik
Lukas Ridgeston
Martin Valko
Milos Janek
Paul Kalman
Timmy Conrad
Willie Ridgeston