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Lukas Story 2 When Boy Meets Boy 15-08-2018

60 young men... a male-only blowout party... a hot summer night... plenty of food and drink... Director George DuRoy sets the scene for a long, hard night of collegiate male-to-male sexual experimenting when Lukas attends his rowing club's annual celebration party. As the guys get looser, carnal cravings stir tight torsoed athletes toward passionate contact sports below deck. International star Johann Paulik wildly fills an accommodating mate's smooth round cheeks while Lukas watches. Lukas hungrily accepts the offer of the new guy's "cherry" before discovering the "orgy room". 30 guys tangle in a moving mass of hard-ons, wet tongues and open legs as guy after guy shoots his passion on his teammate's toned smooth flesh. Lukas' sexual awakening is complete when he offers up his virgin hole to the exquisitely-sculpted Martin Valko. Lukas says "he mounted me up like a woman."

Lançamento: 1995
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 07
Duração: 2:32:00

Tema: Teen
Danny Clark
Chet Wozniak
Emil Kys
Dano Sulik
Benjy Sanders
Alexander Straus
Alex Petersen
Alan Greska
Erich Tauber
Erik Kovac
Eugen Kalman
Filip Smirnov
Hans Koloman
Jiri Lubov
Johan Paulik
Kristian Jensen
Leo Husek
Lukas Ridgeston
Martin Valko
Marty Beavins
Michal Tarkus
Milos Janek
Oliver Krist
Roman Gregor
Willie Ridgeston