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Phat Dick Fitness 19-03-2019

There's nothing like a workout to get the blood pumping straight to your shaft! That's exactly what happens when these stud trainers just can't keep their hands off their sex-crazed clients. Sweat, muscle, and bulging gym shorts await you in five stories starring black beefcakes Tyson Tyler, Marc Williams, Krave Moore, Nubius, and newcomer Derek Maxum training bottoms how to exercise the Ebony way! These black studs pack some seriously phat dicks, so don't forget the number one rule about exercising your ass. Be sure to stretch first!


Lançamento: 2015
Qualidade Imagem: Otima
Cenas: 05
Duração: 1:52:00

Tema: Negros
Brock Avery
Derek Maxum
Damian Brooks
J.P. Richards
Draven Torres
Marc Williams
Krave (Moore)
Jason Barker
Tyson Tyler