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Private Man 04 Job Wanted 10-09-2018

Job Wanted is the story of a frustrated writer who decides to change his life. He meets a rich guy and they begin a torrid sexual affair, not just with each other, but with lots of hunky guys, who they share.
Packed with gorgeous guys, Job Wanted employs fantastic camera angles ensuring every penetration, every ass rim, every cock suck and every juicy tongue action is captured in all its glory.
This incredibly hardcore movie features some great couple and group scenes, where the spunk keeps spurting as these guys keep pumping each others tight asses.

Lançamento: 2003
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 05
Duração: 1:39:00

Tema: Sexo
Sandor Sablon
Adam Gosett
Janos Volt
Jonathan Collins
Fred Fele
George Vidanov
Patrick Kacer
Isidore Nadas
Miguel Sabroso