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Rags To Riches 26-12-2018
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The guy was down and out, dressed in rags, and going through the trash. We felt bad and wanted to help him out. But underneath the rags was a gorgeous man, he was so fucking hot we just wanted to take him in and give him a workover. We cleaned him up and had our way with him. Then, much to our surprise he sat down at the piano and played better than anything I'd ever heard... the guy turned from "Rags To Riches" in a matter of days. He had his tool, and he knew how to use it. Nobody would fuck him over anymore.


Lançamento: 1993
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 05
Duração: 1:13:00

Hank Hightower
Josh Ryder
Scott Baldwin
Scott Hardman
Trent Reed
Tyler Scott
York Powers
Zak Spears