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Rocks and Hard Places 2 25-11-2018

Elsewhere in the mountains, Tibor Cernan and Marko Hansom team up to double fuck their buddy Tomas Sebastiani. Muscle hunks Carlos Montenegro and lover Gregoire Chavalier discover cute Peter Stallion and Fernando Marques screwing around in their barn, and teach them a hard lesion! Jean Franko stumbles upon friendly country dwellers Maurico Goldstein and Honza Kozel, who invite him in for some hot fun. And while waiting for his boyfriend to return with the gasoline, Rocko Magnus is butt-fucked right on top of his convertible by sexy David Salazar. When onlookers Adam Rosa, Lucas Rocha and Carlos Caballero show up, all hell breaks loose!

Lançamento: 2007
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 04
Duração: 1:49:00

Tema: Orgia
Carlos Caballero
Carlos Montenegro
David Salazar
Gregoire Chevalier
Jean Franko
Marco Sanchez
Mauricio Goldstein
Peter Totti
Rocko Magnus
Tobias Wares