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Woodsmen 14-07-2018

Woodsmen is the kind of classic movie that made the TITAN name, with twelve hardy and hairy men freshly invigorated by the great outdoors. Glorious summer in California's High Sierras makes legendary star Ray Dragon lustier than ever, and he's joined by TITAN Exclusives Patrick Knight and Ben Jakks, plus favorites Carlos Morales, Jack Ryan, Jon Galt, and six more lusty examples of classic TITAN manhood.

Lançamento: 2003
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 05
Duração: 2:30:00

Aaron Parker
Bastian Eade
Carlos Morales (ve)
Chris Brady
Jace Hunter
Jack Ryan
Jon Galt
Parker Williams
Patrick Knight
Ray Dragon
Thomas Bond
Tony Serrano